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How to Get More Retweets

by Ayaz Nanji Want to get more retweets? You may want to try tweeting on off hours/days, including images, being polite, spelling out the word “retweet,” and using lots of exclamation marks. Those insights, among others, come from a recent report by TrackMaven that investigated how language, time, and other factors impact the number of […]

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Social Media – Why You Should Use ‘Actiontags’ in Your Social Media Marketing

by Jessica Williams Over the past few years, we have all seen an industry-wide shift toward “in-stream” content and campaigns. However, brands are still trying to discover how best to maximize their return on the time, money, and effort that goes into the creation and promotion of their social marketing initiatives. Because content marketing has […]

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The evolution of ads on Google, Facebook, and Twitter

By Kelly Cooper Google, Facebook, and Twitter are all in the race to be the go-to platform for digital ad buying. Google is the current winner (by far) but with new advances in targeting and intent, Facebook and Twitter are closing the gap. Let’s take a look at the strides taken to earn your ad […]

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Social Media – User Age Profiles of the Top Social Networks

by Ayaz Nanji The social platform with the youngest global user base is Tumblr, followed by Instagram and Pinterest, according to a recent report by GlobalWebIndex. The analysis was based on survey data from a panel of people with Web access living in four countries at different stages Internet development: India, South Africa, Spain, and the […]

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Social Media – Twitter vs. Facebook Ad Showdown: Which Offers the Best Social Media Ad Platform? : MarketingProfs Article

by Larry Kim In social advertising, where is your money better spent—on Twitter, or on Facebook? Facebook allows for some useful targeting, with a variety of expressed and implied interests available as options for targeting its users, and it has worked hard to improve its ad platform since its IPO last year. Still, although 85% […]

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10 Twitter Tips For Newbies

Posted by John Paul This past week I have talked to a few people about how effective Twitter is and if it is worth your time. I of course said.. “Ummmm Yes!” Their main complaint is that Twitter has to much noise/garbage to be a benefit to anyone. Now I agree there is A LOT […]

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The Complete: How to build a brand on Twitter for FREE!

Twitter can be a little bit daunting when you first start using it. You just type some stuff and off it goes into the Internet for all to see. Wow, I just tweeted my lunch. Wow, I just tweeted my car accident. Wow, I just tweeted my break up with my boyfriend… You know how […]

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82 More Tweetable Quotes for Authors | Author Media

by Shaney Lee Earlier this year, we made a list of 101 tweetable quotes for authors. It was a hit. So we’ve done it again. We’ve gathered a list of quotes for authors to tweet when they have Twitter block, need a dose of inspiration, or just because they find these quotes enjoyable. From ancient […]

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christmas twitter

12 Tips for Holiday Tweeting: Last Minute Twitter Boosts – The Wishpond Blog

Need some last minute Twitter tips? You’ve planned your tweets to promote your holiday marketing campaigns. You’re well and truly entrenched in seasonal promotions. But, why aren’t your messages getting the results you need? It’s not too late to increase your sales. Here are 12 Twitter tips to give your holiday marketing the boost it […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Ads on Twitter

by Jessica Kornfeind Twitter increased revenue from $28 million to over $315 million.  Their advertising platform has had a hand in this and helped the company recently go public.  The platform started off as invite-only  and has grown into a strong marketing tool for both business and personal accounts.If you’re still new to Twitter ads, have […]

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