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4 dashboards to track social media performance

By Ian Cleary Where do you view activity happening on your social media channels all in one place? A social media dashboard allows you to view a snapshot of your social media activity directly from one source.  This can save you a lot of time as you can see an overview of your social media […]

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11 Quick Tips to Boost Social Media Results

BY REBEKAH RADICE Social media marketing continues to evolve at a lightening pace. For business owners and entrepreneurs, keeping up is essential as an increasing number of consumers look to social media for answers to their most pressing questions. With 97% of consumers now using the internet to research a business before making a decision […]

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Announcing the Brand New Beginner’s Guide to Social Media

by Trevor Klein I’m both honored and excited to announce the release of a second beginner’s guide from Moz: The Beginner’s Guide to Social Media. The prevalence and importance of social media to web marketing can’t be overstated. To quote a few statistics from the guide itself, 72% of online adults use social networking sites, […]

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Social Media – Why You Should Use ‘Actiontags’ in Your Social Media Marketing

by Jessica Williams Over the past few years, we have all seen an industry-wide shift toward “in-stream” content and campaigns. However, brands are still trying to discover how best to maximize their return on the time, money, and effort that goes into the creation and promotion of their social marketing initiatives. Because content marketing has […]

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social media audit: How to use tools to audit social media

By Ian Cleary How was your social media performance over the last year?  What measurements are you tracking and how did you do in comparison to your previous year? But before looking ahead it’s also useful to look back! Here are some ideas for looking at performance over the last year. How Effective Is Your […]

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Social Media – Five Big Social Media Trends for 2014

by Aaron Everson 2013 was a big year for social media as more organizations than ever turned to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to learn from and engage with their customers. As we enter 2014, it’s important not only to look back at the past year to determine what worked and what […]

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Social Media Marketing Tool – Social Buzz Club – Success Through Collaboration

Here are three tips for finding your Tribe on social media without frustration and wasted time: 1. Have a clear picture of who your Tribe actually is. This tends to be the biggest hurdle.  I can’t tell you how many business owners who have tried to tell me that they serve “everyone” or “everyone who […]

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Social Media – User Age Profiles of the Top Social Networks

by Ayaz Nanji The social platform with the youngest global user base is Tumblr, followed by Instagram and Pinterest, according to a recent report by GlobalWebIndex. The analysis was based on survey data from a panel of people with Web access living in four countries at different stages Internet development: India, South Africa, Spain, and the […]

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Why you must move from Facebook to Google+

By  @mqtodd Right now is an extremely interesting time as there is a massive swing from Facebook to Google+ happening. This post will examine some trends and aspects of the migration that will fascinate you. I am not going to show you a whole lot of user number graphs. These are my personal experiences and […]

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Best Social Media Tools You Should Be Using

by John Paul Best Social Media Tools It doesn’t matter why you use social media, or what your goals are. The biggest issue for everyone using SM is the amount of time it takes to really get the best results. Luckily we now have so many tools to choose from, I have a list of […]

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