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Facebook Marketing Strategies, 2014

By David Cohen regularly produces infographics featuring Facebook marketing strategies, and the 2014 version, released Monday, takes recent changes by the social network into account. Founder Maria Peagler wrote in introducing the latest iteration of her infographic: I’ve updated it to reflect the major changes in lower reach and higher emphasis on ads. I’ve […]

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12 Things You Must Know About Facebook’s Admin Panel

Whether you’re a seasoned Facebook Page admin or someone who is just taking on new Facebook responsibilities, knowing your way around the Admin Panel is essential. The admin panel appears above the Timeline when you’re using a business Page as an admin. The admin panel is the easiest place to navigate around a Facebook Page, […]

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The evolution of ads on Google, Facebook, and Twitter

By Kelly Cooper Google, Facebook, and Twitter are all in the race to be the go-to platform for digital ad buying. Google is the current winner (by far) but with new advances in targeting and intent, Facebook and Twitter are closing the gap. Let’s take a look at the strides taken to earn your ad […]

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HOW TO: Update Your Facebook Page’s Cover Image

by David Cohen The cover image is a dominant presence on Facebook pages, and Facebook application creator ShortStack designed a template for page administrators seeking to revamp their cover images, as well as some related tips. ShortStack’s cover image tips, from a post on its blog, were: Update your cover photo frequently — once per […]

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3 Ways Engagement On Facebook Can Harm Your Business

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” — Warren Buffett. They used to say, “There is no such thing as bad publicity,” but that was before Facebook. Stay on top of your social media game by keeping bad-mouthing in […]

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Social Media – User Age Profiles of the Top Social Networks

by Ayaz Nanji The social platform with the youngest global user base is Tumblr, followed by Instagram and Pinterest, according to a recent report by GlobalWebIndex. The analysis was based on survey data from a panel of people with Web access living in four countries at different stages Internet development: India, South Africa, Spain, and the […]

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Flipagram Is About To Take Over Your Facebook News Feed

by Mary C. Long If you’ve only just recovered from the Bitstrips epidemic, you might want to sit down, and not at your computer: The next big (albeit slightly less annoying) Facebook craze is coming. It’s called Flipagram, and it’s the latest chart-topper in the App Store. No, this isn’t Instagram for dolphins or snorkelers. […]

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INFOGRAPHIC: Why Facebook Users Are Valuable To Marketers

by David Cohen Top Marketing Schools put together an infographic on why Facebook users are valuable to marketers, mainly focusing on the social network’s massive user total. Other Facebook facts in the infographic included: Facebook users spent 20 billion minutes per day on the social network in June 2013, or 8.3 hours per month, per […]

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Social Media – Twitter vs. Facebook Ad Showdown: Which Offers the Best Social Media Ad Platform? : MarketingProfs Article

by Larry Kim In social advertising, where is your money better spent—on Twitter, or on Facebook? Facebook allows for some useful targeting, with a variety of expressed and implied interests available as options for targeting its users, and it has worked hard to improve its ad platform since its IPO last year. Still, although 85% […]

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FB Analytics

Facebook analytics tools: 9 Alternatives to Facebook Insights

By Ian ClearyBlog Posts Are you monitoring your Facebook analytics regularly to assess and improve performance? The amount of people you reach through your Facebook page is continuously decreasing so you need to consider every option to make sure that you reach more people than your competitors. Facebook Insights provides some good analytics but there […]

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