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Best WordPress Plugins: 54 Pros Share Amazing Plugins to Inspire You

By Ian Cleary Are you using the best WordPress Plugins to get maximum benefit from your blog? There are so many WordPress Plugins to choose from and installing too many of them may result in conflicts, security issues and reduced speed. So we asked some of the top social media professionals about their favorite 3 […]

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Word Science: The Best Words to use for Twitter, Facebook and Blog Titles

There is an art to writing the kinds of attention-grabbing headlines, tweets and Facebook posts that motivate readers to immediately hit share or tweet. But as it turns out, there’s a bit of science to it as well. When various social media experts examined thousands of blog posts, Facebook status updates and tweets, and looked […]

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8 Smart Ways to Combine Blogging with Email Marketing for Best-Selling Results

Your blogging and email marketing efforts are like chocolate and peanut butter. The nutty crunch of peanut butter and the sweet bliss of chocolate are each great solo. But when combined, you get Reese’s Peanut Butter cups — the #1 selling candy in the United States. You can get that same kind of best-selling synergy […]

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Blogging tools: 15 Tools for a more Productive and Effective Blogger

By Ian Cleary As a blogger would you like an extra hour a day or get a ton more value from the blogs posts you write? At NMX conference in Las Vegas I did a presentation on 15 blogging tools to become a more productive and effective blogger. So here goes… Finding the best content […]

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How to Schedule Your Posts in WordPress 3.5

by Caitlin Muir Last year, we showed you how to schedule your posts in WordPress. We wanted to help you save time in the blogging process. Then something happened. WordPress upgraded to version 3.5. Authors were left scrambling, trying to figure out how to use the new system. For the most part, things were the […]

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50+ Things To Write About When You Have Writers Block

by Caitlin Muir Finding something to blog about can be hard. Writer’s block can be a serious condition that cripples authors. It doesn’t have to be that way. Especially when you are working on other writing projects and every ounce of your creative juices have already been squeezed out of your body. Your blog is […]

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Guest Posts: How to build an effective guest posting strategy

By Ian ClearyBlog Are you investing time in guest posting on other websites? How valuable is this to you and your business?  Do you know how to evaluate which websites to guest post on and how to maximize the potential benefit of guest posting? Well, we’re here to help.  We like helping!!! This post came […]

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My Crazy Simple 7 Step Plan To Promote A Blog Post

Posted by John Paul We all know how important quality content is, and I been known to write some here and there But no matter how great your content is, no one will see it unless you promote it. I’m not going to share mind blowing secrets here kids, but what I will share is […]

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Popular Blog: 8 Surefire Ways To Build Your Own

by John Paul Popular Blog – How You Can Build One A few weeks back a blogger friend asked me how I got my blog to be popular and at the time I really didn’t have a real answer, all I said was hard work over time. Which was true, I worked my blog hard […]

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Drive Traffic To Your Website And Keep It! | Molly Greene: Writer

There’s no way around it, businesses and individuals who want to make an impact on the Internet must have a website. And if you’re an author or blogger who needs to bring the world to your doorstep, that means you. You need a website to establish an online presence, attract visitors, provide those visitors with […]

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