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2013-Web-Peggy_GlennIn 50+ years of working with words, I have: owned an indie book publishing company; owned a specialty bookstore (brick and mortar and web); published six non-fiction books; composed sales copy for thousands of books; edited textbooks; served as a judge for publishing awards; prepared press releases; prepared and/or edited newsletters for companies and organizations; analyzed websites for usability, typos, jargon, and other functionality issues; proofread and critiqued plays and scripts; written and delivered speeches; served as a judge in speech contests; edited academic papers from simple essays through doctoral dissertations; written song lyrics; and am nearly done with my latest book-length novel. Words are my gig.

My goal is to restore accuracy and readability to any place where words appear: websites, brochures, books, CDs, flyers, banners, newsletters, blogs, online content, business cards, grant proposals, annual reports, employee manuals, product descriptions, publicity blurbs, anywhere. I call myself by many titles: Grammar Goddess, Spelling Swami, Punctuation Princess, Pronoun Professional and Typo Terminator.

My business passion with words is polishing what other people write.

My personal passion with words is creating my own material: songs, novels, spoken-word essays, blogs.

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Services I Offer :

  • Editing & Proofreading – Each project requires careful evaluation and personalized attention, therefore, no simple pricing scale is adequate. Trust that I’m fair – and GOOD!
  • Author Coaching - Project coaching for fiction or non-fiction authors includes, but is not limited to: Evaluating what you’ve already done to find more gold and shovel the coal; helping you fine-tune all sections/elements; nagging, er, cheerleading, you to complete sections and edits on a mutually-agreed-upon timeline; working to identify the parts to destroy or forget (or set aside for a different book); and finding ways to keep you in forward motion. I’ll coach you to finish the book, then you’ll get it published and begin work on the next one.

What My Customers Say :

If you are looking for someone to copy edit your novel, for both story and grammar, I can recommend Peggy Glenn highly. She provides a line-by-line edit, and goes through every recommendation personally with her clients. Her expertise of language is unquestioned, and she can help improve any serious work.
Steven Jackson, Thriller Novelist

Peggy is insightful, detailed and fast. Her personality and professionalism make doing business with her a pleasure. Her rates are fair and her work is meticulous.
Deborah Pratt

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